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“If you are looking for competent, pain-free dental care in a friendly, relaxing environment, then look no further! Dr. Zanni and his wonderful team have been taking care of my family for well over 25 years. Before becoming a patient of Dr. Zanni, I was always nervous going to the dentist, fearful of experiencing pain and other issues. Now I truly enjoy going and actually look forward to it. Not to mention my 87-year old father still has a full set of healthy teeth, thanks to Dr. Zanni, so why would I even consider going anywhere else?

Don’t delay! Make an appointment with Dr. Zanni today and enjoy the benefits of outstanding dental care for many years to come. You will be smiling all the way to his office when you do!”

Jill Frenette

“Growing up in Marblehead, I started going to Dr. Zanni for my dental care at age 15. Even after moving to several towns that are a good distance from Marblehead over the past 35+ years, I still make the trek to regularly see Dr. Zanni! He’s simply worth it! He’s not only helped me by skillfully filling cavities, but also by doing expert crown work and fitting me for appliances that have virtually eliminated my TMJ!! Dr. Zanni and his wonderful staff are absolutely excellent start to finish, and I happily recommend them to anyone looking for top notch dental care. Thanks!”

Eileen Reed

“About two years ago, my wife, Tina, who was not a patient at the time, suffered a cracked tooth during the weekend. (When else?) I called Dr. Zanni, who was more than willing to meet us at his office in the early evening for emergency dental treatment to take care of Tina’s tooth. Since the tooth was not painful, we made an appointment during normal office hours. I can tell you from experience that Dr. Zanni follows up with a telephone call to learn whether a patient has had any problems. He is a caring and competent professional.”

James P. Conley

“I have been a patient of Dr. Zanni since the early ‘90s. I can honestly say he has changed my dental history. After seven crowns (painless procedures) and the use of simple teeth-whitening trays, I am beyond satisfied with my smile!!!!!”

Sue Busiek

“As a patient of Dr. Zanni, I find his dedication remarkable. He personally calls to check in on you after a treatment to ensure everything is ok. His staff stays abreast of the latest technologies to ensure that you have all opportunities to keep your teeth in top shape. Numerous times, people have remarked on my teeth, and I can only thank Dr. Zanni and his commitment for those remarks.”

Michael Farrar

“Dr. Jerry Zanni and his staff have provided me with the best care in every way. My teeth have not always been in the best condition, but Dr. Zanni’s dental care has helped me smile with great confidence. Not only is he very capable and considerate during office procedures, he checks in with his patients in the evening by phone to see how they are feeling. I appreciate the way Dr. Zanni and his staff work as a team to make every patient feel comfortable and cared for in the best way possible.”

Penny Wigglesworth

“Dr. Zanni and his team exude a rare combination of great professional competence and integrity, with genuine warmth and kindness. All three of my kids have recently switched over to Dr. Zanni’s practice and truly enjoy going to the dentist! I am especially grateful for Dr. Zanni finding and correcting a potentially serious issue with my middle daughter’s TMJ. Thanks!”

Ruth Stankiewicz

My teeth had been worn unevenly for years due to grinding my teeth while sleeping. I contacted Dr. Jerry Zanni, and after a thorough examination, he prepared a model of my teeth and fully explained the causes of the difficulty. We discussed my options for restoration, which included a bite adjustment, and how to prevent the problem from arising again in the future. During the restoration, Dr. Zanni prepared temporary crowns while I was there in the chair, which I used while the final porcelain crowns were being constructed.

Once over a weekend, one of the temporaries detached. I called Dr. Zanni, who was kind enough to meet me at his office for an emergency dental appointment, and within an hour, he had the tooth re-cemented in place.

The restoration was completed in a timely manner over the next 1-½ years, and now five years later, I am very satisfied. I use a custom mouth guard that Dr. Zanni prepared to protect my teeth while I sleep.

Dr. Zanni and his staff are professional, attentive, and friendly. When I walk into the office, they all know me and give me a cheery hello. I would highly recommend Dr. Jerry Zanni D.D.S. and his staff to anyone in need of a good dental practice.”

A grateful patient

“Moving out of Marblehead meant nothing when it came to loyalty to our family dentist, Dr. Jerry Zanni. For me, the commute isn’t a stretch from Salem, MA, but for my older son and his wife in Charlestown, New Hampshire, a 6 hour round trip is totally worth it. The quality, state-of-the-art dentistry, combined with sensitive and caring attitudes delivered by Dr. Zanni and his entire staff, is phenomenal. If my younger son had his way, he and his family would commute from Oceanside, California!”

Patricia Shaughnessy

“As a young person, I sustained severe burn damage to my mouth and surrounding area, resulting in extensive scarring and necessitating skin grafts. Dr. Zanni and his staff have treated me with utmost compassion and attentive care. No matter what the scope of the particular procedure, there has been consistent consideration and impeccable expertise. I know I am in capable and kind hands!”

Amy Saltz

“Dr. Jerry Zanni has been our family dentist ever since he opened his practice in Marblehead. He and his staff have always been attentive and professional in caring for our dental needs. Whether it’s fillings, crowns or a permanent bridge, Dr. Zanni’s work for us has been excellent, and we would highly recommend him.”

Elaine and Bob Miller

My dental relationship with Dr. Zanni began when I attended a family function and found that a few of my family members had received cosmetic dentistry since I had seen them last. There was one family member’s teeth in particular that looked so natural, I couldn’t tell his teeth were not his own. I found out Dr. Jerry Zanni had performed the cosmetic dentistry.

The next day, I called Dr. Zanni.

I went to him for a second opinion about a space between my two front teeth that had been widening. My current dentist at that time seemed to be all about masking problems, instead of actually caring about my oral health and getting to the root of the issues.

Dr. Zanni told me at my first visit that he, too, could simply put veneers on my front teeth, but it would be highly unethical since I had a fair amount of bone loss in my jaw and, over time, the veneers would move and eventually fall out.

Long story short, I have now been going to Dr. Zanni for nearly 10 years. My mouth is healthy, my teeth are new, and I rest easy knowing that if something else needs to be done, Dr. Zanni will do it correctly, ethically, meticulously, and well.

I gladly drive a full hour to and from Cambridge, MA, to Dr. Zanni’s office, since he offers the best dental care around. Trust me—from someone who has had nearly every unpleasant procedure done in their mouth, I would not trust my dental care now to any other dentist. Dr. Zanni can make even the worst of procedures tolerable!


“I found Dr. Zanni through a referral nearly 20 years ago when I moved to Marblehead. I still remember walking into the office, meeting Ginny at the front desk, then Dr. Zanni and the rest of his excellent staff. Even though I moved back to the city many years ago, I continue to make the trip north on 1A regularly for dental care. I have absolute confidence in Dr. Zanni’s skill and talent and feel so lucky to have a dentist who is both a perfectionist and an exceptionally nice person.”

Mary Watkins

“A patient of Dr. Jerry Zanni, DDS, as well as a person inclined to being critical in making assessments, I feel and, in fact, know that I have been blessed to have had Dr. Zanni’s guidance and advice regarding my oral health since 1979.

Whether it was preventing gingivitis, remediating periodontal disease, obtaining a very hard to insert filling, a skillfully-crafted crown, or having cosmetic dentistry performed, I’ve always placed my faith in Dr. Zanni—in his knowledge and in the artistry that is in his gifted hands.”

Richard Savoy

“I was experiencing headaches, facial pain, ear pain, muscle pain, and extreme fatigue. I was unable to carry out my daily activities without being miserable. After telling a co-worker about my daily pain, she recommended I call her dentist, Dr. Zanni. I was fitted for a mouthpiece that very same day. I’m SO happy to report I haven’t had a headache since the day I started wearing it.

Today, all of my TMJ pain has gone away, my energy has returned, and I’m back to doing the things I was doing a year ago. I have literally had NO TMJ pain since the day I started seeing Dr. Zanni, and I will be forever grateful!”

Jackie Deming

“Over the last 20 years of being your patient, you have always done a wonderful job in giving me excellent information and in taking care of my interests. I certainly appreciate your dedication to your profession, and the time you take in being able to offer the very current and best technology to your patients. I’m sure you don’t hear it enough, but in my case, going to my dentist was a good thing.”

Dan Fountain

“Dr. Zanni asked me if I wanted him to do a bite adjustment because my teeth didn’t fit together very well. He explained what was going to happen, and then did his dentist thing, reshaping some of the surfaces of my teeth. The result was that for the first time in a very long time, when my mouth was at rest, my teeth fit together properly with no little knobs and twists.

During the next week, I noticed that my almost-daily waking TMJ headaches were gone, and that has continued—no more morning TMJ headaches. The bite adjustment seemed almost like magic to me; what he did worked!”

Fred Moir

“I went to Dr. Zanni because I had severe problems with my teeth and their appearance. He determined that I would need extensive treatment which called for several crowns and bridges. Dr. Zanni figured out a treatment plan for me and phased it out over three years to fit my budget.

During this time, Dr. Zanni’s staff made me feel very comfortable and all of them were most supportive during the various phases of my treatment.

I feel the quality of the temporary and permanent crowns and bridges was very good. Dr. Zanni made sure there was no interruption to my lifestyle during the many months of the procedures. The treatment of the crowns and bridges was seamless, even though I went to Florida for four months every year. He even made extra temporary bridges at no charge and gave me the name of a dentist he knew near my Florida home should anything happen. Fortunately nothing did! Dr. Zanni was always there to answer my questions and address my concerns, and several times I recall him calling me from his home at night to make sure I was comfortable.

I am extremely pleased with the appearance of my teeth now, and everything appears very natural. I have never questioned the long one hour trip from Gloucester each way to get to his office, as there are plenty of dentists much closer. I plan to continue to make the pilgrimage to Dr. Zanni for years to come should any dental issues arise in the future.”

Satisfied patient from Gloucester, MA

If you’d like to read more testimonials from my patients, you can read my Google Dentist Reviews here, or learn more about my dental services by clicking the links below. When you’re ready to talk about your dental concerns, I’m here for you. Give me a call or contact me to schedule a free consultation or second opinion today.

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Donna Rice
Donna Rice

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

What a great experience I have had with Dr. Zanni, Ginny, and the team. I had been 'hiding" from the dentist for far longer than I like to admit, and they were amazing. They went out of their way to make it a painless and pleasant experience. They are top notch in my book, and I highly recommend them.

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