Teeth Grinding and Clenching (Bruxism)

Customize your treatments to help reduce or repair damage from teeth clenching or grinding.

Dr. Zanni will customize your treatments to help restore your damaged teeth due to clenching or grinding. Having had years of successfully managing, restoring and renewing smiles from the ravages of grinding and clenching, Dr. Zanni will partner with you to achieve the results you desire.

Bruxism is a dental term that refers to a common dental condition that results in continuous teeth clenching or grinding. This is most common while patients are asleep, but it can be an unconscious habit that you can develop while awake, as well. In some cases, this may not be a huge cause for concern now but can progress to shorter, flatter and unsightly looking front teeth in the future. The earlier this is treated the less involved the treatment will be.

Moderate to severe bruxism can damage your teeth and have a negative impact on your dental health. Most notably, teeth grinding can wear down on your enamel, leading to tooth pain or worse – wearing down of the actual tooth. In very serious cases, patients may damage the teeth to the point of needing to restore their teeth involving treatment using veneers, crowns, or even dental implants

Unfortunately, because so many cases of bruxism occur during sleep or while patients are unaware, it can be difficult to catch. Some patients may not realize that they are grinding their teeth, so knowing what the symptoms are can help treat it in time. 

Symptoms of Bruxism

The symptoms of bruxism can often be mistaken for other conditions, so it is important to discuss any and all issues you may encounter with Dr. Zanni. People who clench or grind their teeth during sleep are also more likely to have other sleep disorders, such as snoring.

Common signs of bruxism include: 

    • Increased tooth sensitivity
    • Worn down tooth enamel
    • Tightness or soreness in the jaw
    • Audible grinding of the teeth (often loud enough to wake your spouse or partner)
    • Chips and cracks that appear in the teeth
    • Teeth that look or feel flat
    • Headaches that begin at the temple
    • Pain around the jaw or ears
    • Trouble sleeping
    • Irritability
    • Breaking teeth

Diagnosis and Treatment

If you suspect you may be grinding your teeth or causing damage to your enamel due to clenching, whether awake or asleep, schedule an appointment with Dr. Zanni. A thorough examination can help to determine whether it is bruxism or another condition. This can help Dr. Zanni narrow down the potential cause(s) and determine what method of treatment will be most effective. 

For some patients, bruxism is due to stress or anxiety and simply changing your lifestyle can help to alleviate the symptoms of bruxism. However, in other cases, it may be linked to malocclusion or crooked teeth. Regardless of the case, Dr. Zanni can fit you with a mouth
guard to help reduce any damage you may do while a more long-term treatment is considered.

Correcting Damage Done By Bruxism

Long-term damage of teeth grinding and clenching can cause patients to develop serious dental issues, such as muscle pain, loss of enamel, receding gums, loose teeth, sensitivity, cracks or breaks in the teeth, damage to the bone structure, and more. 

Patients who have been grinding or clenching their teeth for years without treatment might have noticeable and sometimes irreversible damage to their teeth and gums. In addition to treating the cause of your bruxism, Dr. Zanni can also help to restore your smile and repair any issues such as worn-down teeth, cracks or chips, tissue damage, and more. To help address lasting damage done by teeth grinding, we offer patients:

If you have any questions or suspect that you may be suffering from bruxism, call Dr. Zanni today! He will sit down with you to discuss the symptoms, any discomfort you may be experiencing, and what type of treatments would be best for you.


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Donna Rice

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What a great experience I have had with Dr. Zanni, Ginny, and the team. I had been 'hiding" from the dentist for far longer than I like to admit, and they were amazing. They went out of their way to make it a painless and pleasant experience. They are top notch in my book, and I highly recommend them.

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