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I had never worked in a dental office before, but I saw an ad for a practice administrator in the newspaper many years ago that piqued my interest, and I applied. That ad was for Dr. Zanni’s dental practice, of course, and I was hired.

The biggest thing I love about working with Dr. Zanni is our commitment to our patients. Our dental practice is all about our patients—their comfort, the best dental care we can give and working with them as a whole person, not just as a ‘set of teeth.’ And our patients feel that. It’s a relationship-based practice, and I’ve become good friends with a number of them. Many have been in our office for years and years, and they send us their family members and extended family, too.

I love sitting in the reception area, where a patient may stop by and poke his head in the door just to say ‘hi.’ You don’t find that everywhere. Our waiting room was the living room of this house, and it just looks homey. We want our patients to feel the atmosphere of ‘home,’ and I think they do. As a result of that and our quality dental care, our patients stay with us for years. They are fabulous people.

We do our best to help our patients find financial solutions, maximize their insurance, and schedule appointments with their time as a priority. My work is very rewarding, and I get great satisfaction from working with Dr. Zanni. It has been my privilege to be a member of a team that achieves quality dentistry every day and is committed to excellence.

And now, more than three decades later—I’m still here. That says it all!

Ginny is married, Mom to two cats named Zoey and Chloe, can be seen line dancing once a week in Beverly, and indulging in her love of attending Boston and local music theater.



    I spent four years as a Certified Dental Assistant after attending Northeastern University’s Dental Assistant program. After that, I went on to Dental Hygiene School at Middlesex Community College and graduated in 1990 as a Registered Dental Hygienist.

    Dr. Zanni is an amazing dentist who truly loves what he does. He takes the time to get to know new patients before he starts treating them, to see what their needs are, and to answer their questions. He will spend as much time as he needs to help his patients get the perfect smile they have always wanted. He keeps up with the latest techniques and, quite simply, he does beautiful, quality dentistry. More than that, he cares about his patients.

    I enjoy my work, and as a member of Dr. Zanni’s staff, I can say we all truly enjoy what we do. I have worked with patients from three years of age, to 90+. I treat them all as if they are family members. It’s rewarding to be greeted with a hug, to see pictures of their grandchildren or their wedding ceremony, and to hear how great their teeth feel when they leave. The best part is the satisfaction I receive from helping a patient learn to take care of his or her mouth, including great home care.

    I want to make my patients’ experience in our office a positive one. We see our patients as more than just a ‘set of teeth.’ I think that’s what sets us apart from other dental offices in the area—how much we care about our patients.

    Janice is married and lives in Peabody with her two teenage boys and her rescue pup—a Chihuahua mix named Ace. She keeps busy and enjoys reading, baking and watching her boys at their sporting events.



      There have been so many exciting advances in dentistry and dental treatment in recent years that more people than ever before can expect to keep their teeth throughout their lives. Having worked alongside Dr. Zanni for several years, I’ve been fortunate to see at close range just what can be done to provide our patients with excellent dental health. I see first hand the high level of precision and technical expertise that Dr. Zanni brings to his dental practice.

      While assisting Dr. Zanni, my role is to help our patients feel as comfortable as possible during dental treatment. It’s especially gratifying to see someone who was initially anxious become more and more relaxed over the course of subsequent visits to the dental practice. We look forward to working with them to promote their best dental health.

      Dr. Zanni’s approach to dentistry is relationship-based. He enjoys getting to know his patients and considers many of them to be friends. He’s always happy to answer any questions, explain the why’s and how’s of dental treatment, and encourage patients to become true participants in their dental care.

      When performing cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Zanni has an excellent eye and is great at shade matching and the nuances of bonding. With continuing dental education over the years and building on his experience with many different dental situations, Dr. Zanni is adept at problem solving. He loves the challenge of complex dental cases and is highly skilled at providing his patients with excellent results based on their wants and needs. From basic dental treatment, to improving on and creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Zanni marries the art and science of dentistry.

      A native of Salem, Joanne lives in Lynn with her husband and two cats and loves reading and being near the ocean.



        Having been a Dental Assistant for many years, I decided to return to school and graduated in 2011 with a Dental Hygiene degree.

        It has always been important to me to be involved in my patients’ overall oral health, as well as being able to collaborate with their dental provider regarding diagnosis and treatment planning. Doing so in a practice that is committed to quality, state-of-the-art restorative and cosmetic dentistry, while providing a warm and comforting atmosphere, is of equal importance to me. Dr. Zanni has provided that dental care and atmosphere by being committed to higher education, keeping current with the advances in dental treatment options, and providing a warm, patient-centered environment.

        In addition to outstanding dental care and camaraderie with my co-workers, I enjoy interacting with our patients on a daily basis. Dr. Zanni has built his dental practice around the most dedicated patients. Many of his adult patients have been under his care since childhood and are now bringing their own children to him for their dental care.

        Debbie lives in Georgetown with her husband and four children aged 16-23. Her current focus is preparing her two daughters for college. In addition to her family, one of her great delights is the cat her son brought home to her while working at a grocery store and aptly named “Cucumber”.

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          Richard Ring
          Richard Ring

          5 out of 5 stars

          posted 1 month ago

          Dr. Zanni is an excellent dentist. My previous dentist of 35 years recently retired and I was referred to Dr. Zanni by a local periodontist. First he adjusted my bite, then he put crowns on several teeth that were cracked or had large fillings which put them at risk to break. Being seventy years of age, I now have a high level of confidence that all of my teeth are sound. Dr Zanni is highly proficient, provides full explanations and options for treatment and is on the leading edge of dental care. I truly appreciate his explanatory videos which were simple and straightforward.

          Lisa Ruffino
          Lisa Ruffino

          5 out of 5 stars

          posted 4 months ago

          Dr. Zanni is fabulous— as a dentist, as a doctor, as a compassionate caregiver. New to the area, I had no dentist yet when a front tooth broke unexpectedly on a Sunday night. I found Dr. Zanni on google and called his emergency phone number. To my surprise, he answered after 2 rings and began helping me immediately, despite the fact that not only was I not a patient of his, but a total stranger. Although he was out of town, he offered to see me after office hours when he returned the next day. As promised, he met me at his office, took a meticulous cast of my teeth, and by Tuesday afternoon—less than 48 hours after my tooth broke—he had created a new one for me with dental bonding. It was such a perfect piece of work that you'd never know that the tooth had broken at all and that half of it was not my real tooth. I was relieved, impressed with his skill, and very grateful for his kind, swift, successful solution. Later in the week I returned for a long overdue cleaning and received a top-notch dental evaluation from Dr. Zanni that provided me with far more information and insight about not just my oral health but how it related to sleep and headache history than I've ever had before. Dr. Zanni is a personable, caring, and thorough doctor, and I'm very glad to have found him. I highly recommend him and his excellent staff, who are very much like him in skill and professionalism.

          ©Jerry A. Zanni, DDS