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“The comfort of my patients is key to me…”

If you had asked me when I was in college what I wanted to do after I graduated, I doubt I could have told you. My best friend wanted to become a dentist. Unfortunately, he never made it, but that’s what first put the idea into my head. And am I glad it did!

After college, I went straight to dental college, and then into the Air Force as a dental officer. I realized I wanted to go into practice for myself, and after the Air Force, I eventually did. In particular, I love the practice of cosmetic dentistry, treating TMJ and snoring and sleep apnea difficulties, and working with Invisalign patients. As a result, I decided to specialize in these services, and I couldn’t be happier with my dental practice.

The comfort of my patients is key to me. My mission is to help people achieve the highest level of comfort, while achieving the highest result possible in the aesthetics and function of their mouth or teeth. It’s what makes me tick. For instance, I will stand up to accommodate a claustrophobic patient. I let them be in total control—they can stop to ask questions, swallow, or take a break. It’s ‘us’ working together to achieve the optimum result.

My Marblehead office is state-of-the art, but it also has a warmth and charm I try to cultivate in the atmosphere as well. My wife, Diane, is a realtor and has an eye for property. She found this charming old house, and I had a dentist office architect from Greece build it out and transform it into the wonderful dentist office you see today. I tried to preserve as much of the original house as possible, and I think it’s a unique find in the field of dentistry. My hope is that when you walk into my office, you feel like you’re walking into someone’s home, and you’re immediately comfortable here.

Another thing that makes me unique from the ‘fill, drill, and bill’ dental offices is that I take only ONE patient at a time. People are initially surprised at that, but it makes sense to me. I only work one chair. I think my patients like that I don’t switch gears in the middle of their treatment; they can rely on the fact that I focus on them and their comfort, alone.

Every day, I get to see patients that have become friends. They are wonderful individuals that I honestly care about. Occasionally, one of them will pop his or her head in to say hello because he or she ‘was just passing by.’ That’s the kind of practice I want, and have—a relationship-based practice. The type where patients become old friends.

My staff shares my commitment and philosophy of how we treat our patients. All of these incredible women develop their own relationship with the patients, which my patients tell me they love. My staff has been here for so many years, I trust them, and so do my patients. We’ve been together so long, they know how to anticipate what I need each day to run a successful practice. That goes a long way in providing the highest level of dental care, and our patients appreciate that.

Because I’m also a husband, a father to two sons, a grandfather to five grandkids, and owner of a miniature Netherland Dwarf rabbit named Whiskers, my life is balanced, full, and happy, which leaves me free to be the best possible dentist I can be. I consider myself very fortunate.

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Richard Ring
Richard Ring

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Dr. Zanni is an excellent dentist. My previous dentist of 35 years recently retired and I was referred to Dr. Zanni by a local periodontist. First he adjusted my bite, then he put crowns on several teeth that were cracked or had large fillings which put them at risk to break. Being seventy years of age, I now have a high level of confidence that all of my teeth are sound. Dr Zanni is highly proficient, provides full explanations and options for treatment and is on the leading edge of dental care. I truly appreciate his explanatory videos which were simple and straightforward.

Lisa Ruffino
Lisa Ruffino

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Dr. Zanni is fabulous— as a dentist, as a doctor, as a compassionate caregiver. New to the area, I had no dentist yet when a front tooth broke unexpectedly on a Sunday night. I found Dr. Zanni on google and called his emergency phone number. To my surprise, he answered after 2 rings and began helping me immediately, despite the fact that not only was I not a patient of his, but a total stranger. Although he was out of town, he offered to see me after office hours when he returned the next day. As promised, he met me at his office, took a meticulous cast of my teeth, and by Tuesday afternoon—less than 48 hours after my tooth broke—he had created a new one for me with dental bonding. It was such a perfect piece of work that you'd never know that the tooth had broken at all and that half of it was not my real tooth. I was relieved, impressed with his skill, and very grateful for his kind, swift, successful solution. Later in the week I returned for a long overdue cleaning and received a top-notch dental evaluation from Dr. Zanni that provided me with far more information and insight about not just my oral health but how it related to sleep and headache history than I've ever had before. Dr. Zanni is a personable, caring, and thorough doctor, and I'm very glad to have found him. I highly recommend him and his excellent staff, who are very much like him in skill and professionalism.

©Jerry A. Zanni, DDS