Dr. Zanni, Your Local Marblehead Dentist.

Dr. Zanni provides a full array of dental services to patients in the local Massachusetts communities of Marblehead, Salem, Swampscott, Danvers, Nahant, Lynn, other areas of the North Shore, and beyond.

Our practice offers a judgment-free zone with a unique, customer-centered focus on patients. The comfort of our patients is key and our caring approach particularly benefits patients who have neglected their oral hygiene, or experience claustrophobia, anxiety, or any type of fear!

Comfort, combined with quality dental care

Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible while delivering the quality dental care you deserve. This means less worry and concern about your appointment, dental treatment, and final outcome. You can trust us.

Make informed dental treatment decisions

Involving you in key decisions about your dental care is vital to us. Every patient’s experience begins with a 1 on 1 consultation. Our team will develop a plan that works for you – as well as your finances, health, stress level, and schedule.

A judgment-free zone for every patient

We provide a safe and comfortable environment for patients and offer recommendations based on our 1-2-3 system. Even if you haven’t stepped foot in a dental office in years, we welcome you to craft a dental plan that works at your pace. 

A higher standard of dental care

Most dental offices are chaotic production lines, with a ‘drill, fill and bill’ practice. Here, you are not a number. We book ONE patient at a time so the entire team can give the undivided time and attention you deserve.

We don’t treat just gums and teeth

We treat you as a whole person. We respect you, and so we take the time to understand your concerns and your unique dental situations. No two patients are alike and, by the way—we like to think we are unique, too.

Unparalleled state-of–the-art dentistry

Your peace-of-mind is important to us. We offer state-of-the-art dental equipment—the Dental STA delivers comfortable injections to a single tooth, stereo headphones, and complimentary Nitrous Oxide sedation—to ensure a worry-free dental experience.

The comfort of my patients is key to me. My mission is to help people achieve the highest level of comfort and attain the highest result possible aesthetically and functionally in their mouth or teeth. It’s my driving force, and I will always accommodate a patient who may have claustrophobia, anxiety, or any type of fear or discomfort! When a patient is in my chair, they are in total control—they can stop to ask questions, swallow, or take a break. Together, we can achieve the optimum result!”

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry, Marblehead, Massachusetts
Your smile is one of your biggest assets. It’s one of the things people notice first. So shouldn’t your smile say the best it can about you?

Grinding / Clenching

Dr. Zanni treats TMJ disorder
Teeth grinding and clenching (“bruxism”) is often related to stress or anxiety, and can cause patients to develop serious dental issues.

General Dentistry

Dr. Zanni, family dentistry, Marblehead, Massachusetts
Treating children and adults of all ages, I offer a full scope of family and general dentistry for everyone. I have been treating families for over 30 years.

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Our Google Reviews

Richard Mooney
Richard Mooney

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 days ago

Dr Zanni, Ginny and Natalia are a great team! Dr Zanni was able to make me feel very comfortable in explaining and performing some very involved dental procedures. His expertise along with Ginny and Natalia's help made it a very pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Dr Zanni for your Dental health. I feel they went beyond my expectations and I'm very happy they are my Dental team.

David Bateman
David Bateman

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Dr. Zanni, Ginny and Natalia are great! I had extensive dental reconstruction and they were totally concerned with getting everything right! Dr. Zanni is a perfectionist. I would highly recommend their services for regular ongoing dental care and would absolutely recommend them if you have a more extensive dental project. I could not be happier with the result. Thanks Dr. Zanni and staff.

Theresa Harrison
Theresa Harrison

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Zanni! I got braces in my fifties because I had excessive wear on my front teeth as a result of a malocclusion. After removing the braces, my orthodontist shortened my front teeth as the ends were paper thin, translucent, and chipped. They didn't look terrible after being shortened, but two years later I was still struggling to accept my new smile because the shorter teeth looked so different from the ones I'd had all my life. I mentioned this to Dr. Zanni and he took my concerns to heart and cooked up a plan to bond my front teeth to restore them to their former length, shape, and thickness. He did a beautiful job and I'm absolutely thrilled to have my old smile back. No more feeling crestfallen when I look in the mirror or see a picture of myself! He also heard my concerns that I wanted to take care to make sure no further damage occurred going forward; he did occlusal equilibration to distribute the forces evenly across my teeth. I can now chew with all my teeth after decades of chewing on my left side only. He's definitely a keeper and his staff are fantastic, too.

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